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ASC Program

After School Chinese Program

What is After School Chinese, ASC program?

* ASC is an after school Chinese program catering for the increasing demand of learning Chinese language in primary schools students;

* A range of cultural activities such as art, handcraft, singing, dancing and the introduction of some important Chinese traditional festivals and custom will be integrated into Chinese learning experience, ensuring a high quality of care where children learn and grow whilst having fun.

What are students expected to learn in this program?

* Greet people and introduce themselves in Chinese
* Count number from 1 to 1000 in Chinese
* Identify some animals, colors and food in Chinese
* Identify objects in surrounding environment in Chinese
* Understand Chinese culture and traditions through hands-on activities

What is the timetable of the program?
It can be once a week (2 hours each session) or twice a week (1.5hour each session) depending on your school's decision.

What is the size of a class?
* The minimum number of students in a class is 10
* Each class is maintained under 25 students

Who are the teachers of the program?
* Friendly and fully qualified teachers with Chinese teaching certificate and First Aid Certificate
* Experienced in classroom management
* Fluent both in English and Chinese

What is the teaching methodology of the class?
* Integrating language learning with culture understanding and experience
* Student-centered and customer-tailed curriculum

What are some examples of culture activities?
* Chinese paper cutting
* Chinese clay sculpture
* Chinese calligraphy
* Chinese traditional painting
* Chinese traditional dancing
* Chinese paper lantern craft
* Chinese knot making
* Traditional Chinese food making such as Spring roll, Rice ball, Zongzi, Dumpling, Moon-cake and Red-egg (for demonstration only)

What is the payment?
* $10 per hour (including tuition fee, public liability cost) $15/ half year material cost
* Payment made by term in advance

School Profile

JNU Chinese School of New Zealand, founded in NZ, is a non-profit, not-religion and non-politics community language school committing to providing Chinese language and Chinese culture learning to local community members and introducing New Zealand Values to Chinese migrants, trying to encourage mutual respect and understanding among people of different backgrounds.

Our academic partner is College of Chinese Language and Culture, Jinan University, http://hwy.jnu.edu.cn/, which is the top non-native Chinese speaker teaching school in the world.

After School Program Campus

Mt. Roskill Intermediate

Point View School

Mellons Bay

Willowbank Primary School

Maraetai Beach School