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1 培养学生对华文的兴趣,了解中华文化;
2 以学生情况适当采用双语教学;
3 根据学生生源背景的不同 在某些校区会根据学生是否有华文背景的特点将学生分班教学,并采用不同的教材和教学方式,并且根据汉考要求补充内容;
4 通过国际标准考试YCT青少年汉语水平考试,HSK汉语水平考试检验学习成果。








招收5岁以上有中文背景的学生,会采用暨南大学《中文》教材,中文授课为主,听,读,说,写兼顾,建议每年参加YCT 青少年汉语水平考试,以此来检验学习成绩。

对语言环境是英文的学生,我们会采用《汉语乐园》针对母语是英文的学生教学,并增加其它相关的教学补充材料,符合学生的特点进行教学,从最早的简单易学,渐进地学习到YCT Level 2 的水平。


不论是何种语言背景的学生,到了考过YCT 第三级后,都可以一起进行学习了,招收有一定基础的日校中,小学生,经测试后编入相应年级,每周上课2小时。采用《中文》第四至第十二册,以及初中课本,以中文阅读和写作教学为主,注重培养学生中文口语及文字表达能力,七年级以上学生依照IB, CIE, NCEA, SAT中文做为第二外语考试的要求,加强中文写作训练。



Weekend Courses!!

Chinese course:

The objective is to foster the students' interest in Chinese language and to understand Chinese culture. Teachers will try to create pleasant teaching environments for the class to induce the students' interest. When necessary, bilingual teaching will be provided.
Students at different school districts may be divided into separate levels of classes and be taught with a variety textbooks and methods depending on their language background. Our students will sit in YCT and HSK, these global standard exams to make assessment of their study.

( Depending on every campus timetable schedule and Fee )

Early Learning (3-4 Years Old)

Children aged 3 to 4 are welcome to join the early learning courses where they learn Chinese characters, pronunciation and calculation through drawing, singing and playing games, 1.5 hours weekly/one child

Tuition Fee: Early Learning Class (age 3 to 4)
(100% Jinan scholarship covered)
$50 (administration fee) / Term

Early Learning Pre-class (4-5 Years Old)

Children aged 4 to 5 are welcome to join the pre-school learning courses where they learn Chinese characters, pronunciation and calculation through drawing, singing and playing games, we have textbooks for the course. 2 Hours/ Each week.

Year 1-3

Children over 5 years old are welcome to learn Chinese language through reading, writing, listening and speaking in the morning or afternoon supplemented with cultural activities under the instruction of experienced and qualified teachers. We may offer 2 different kind of classes depending students language background English speaker and Chinese speaking living background. Our classes involve singing, gaming and storytelling through which children's interests in Chinese language and culture are to be encourage and their oral skills are to be developed from early stages.

We will offer them to attend YCT ( Young Chinese Test) exams to achieve global standard Chinese learning certificate.

Year 4-10

Children with various levels of Chinese language proficiency are to be placed appropriate year levels. The focus of Chinese learning in year 4 to 10 will be more specifically on reading and writing skills while speaking skills are improved. Students over year 7 receive more training on writing, preparing them for IB, CIE, NCEA, and SAT from early stages. Cultural activities will be supplemented during the course of teaching to encourage understanding among people of different backgrounds. Morning and afternoon classes are both available.

Our target of the course is to pass HSK Level 4.

Year 11, 12, 13

Students of year 11,12 and year 13 in their mainstream schools are to be in second language. Experienced teachers will help students further understand Chinese culture and make their best achievements in various different programs with school-selected textbooks and materials.