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数学课程 Year 1-10


我们Year 1-Year10 数学课程都是主要以澳洲课本和标准做为主要教学用书和教学目标,鼓励学生参加每年一度的澳洲,新西兰的竞赛评估考试即 ICAS ( International Competition and Assessment for Schools), 这样家长可以了解到孩子的具体学习情况,以便可以及时制定和调整孩子的学习计划,有的放矢。

Mathematics Year 1-10

Math courses (Year 1-Year 10), aim to equip students with a solid mathematical foundation, and guide them to find multiple ways to solve problems. We dedicate ourselves to train them examination skills as well. Accordingly, the students' mathematical logic and ability to solve practical problems are developed and strengthened not only for marks but also for daily applications.