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2014的1/4 时间已经过去了,ICAS考试离我们越来越近,数学、英文的考试在7月底8月中,我们只有一个学期的时间冲刺了,强烈推荐家长为孩子在学校报名参加ICAS的考试,这个考试主要还是一个整体评估您孩子学习的一个机会,以便家长可以根据孩子的学下的实际情况对孩子的学习计划及时做出适合的调整,我们特别推出奖学金的优惠来鼓励那些优秀的学生,欢迎您们来领取:



凡是通过我校数学,英文2个学期课程辅导后,在"ICAS"考试中获得"奖牌 Medal"
和"优异成绩证书High Distinction" 的学生都将赢得奖学金!

ICAS Scholarship Course

Dear Parents,

2014 ICAS Math and English is coming. We encourage your kids to sit the exams to see their position of the same age of students. It is best way to know their status. We have the following awards to outstanding students. See details below, please.

Students will receive a 2 terms scholarship if they win the Medal in ICAS test and the High Distinction certificates after completing two terms of mathematics, science, and English in our school.

The scholarship for the Medal winner is two terms of free courses for the same subject/s. The scholarship for the High Distinction winner is one terms of free courses for the same subject.